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Old love never dies

Johnny Depp & Jimmy Kimmel in 2013 and 2014


Oh now i see why we are like this

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A strong independent dog who don’t need no man


A strong independent dog who don’t need no man


'do it for the vine'



Adventures of Oscar Episode 1


The Joker has always been a captivating villain in the minds of movie makeup lovers, and none more than the portrayal by the late Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight.

Conor O’Sullivan (prosthetics supervisor): I was never given a concept or reason for the scarring before I started on the design of the Joker’s scars. Once I had it in my mind that it was going to be scars, rather than a fixed smile, I immediately thought of the punk and skinhead era and some unsavoury characters I had come across during this time. The terminology for this type of wound is a ‘Glasgow’ or ‘Chelsea smile’. My references had to be real. A delivery of fruit machines was made to the estate near my workshop and the man delivering them had a ‘Chelsea smile’. I plucked up the courage to ask him for a photo and he told me the story of how he had got his scars while being involved with “a dog fight”; needless to say I didn’t pursue the matter, but the photos proved to be very useful reference.

For more information about the film see Empire the making of the Joker


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how to bargain with your parents


how to bargain with your parents